Friday, July 22, 2011

a lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable. -William Wordsworth

There's nothing I like more than a walk by the lake with a Moche Light Frappuccino in hand after a long, hard day of work. In fact, I've been walking or biking the trails by the lake since I was a kid. I always marvel at the vastness that is Lake Ontario and how little I actually use it. On a clear day you can see sail boats in the horizon, speed boats zipping through the harbour and rowboats under in the canal.

A friend of mine is always hassling me about going out on the lake with him and his boat and I always have a reason not to go. Yesterday, since we hit an all time record for hottest day of the year, at an unbearable 45 degrees, I said "what the hell, lets go." My boating experience is zero; in other words non-existent. I've been fishing once in my life and I climbed into my first kayak this May. Baby steps right?

**side note about my first fishing experience** I was about 6 years old when my dad decided to take me and my little brother fishing. Long story short, it ended up with me freeing the fish we caught, tangling the line and snapping his favourite rod. I haven't gone fishing since.

***another side note*** fishing is on my to do list this summer by way. I'm talking about real fishing, like 5 AM, sitting on a boat in silence, with me and my thoughts kind of fishing.

Did I have a lot of fun speeding through the waves? Yes I did, even if I was sopping wet by the time we reached our look out point. The view was impressive. Toronto from the lake looks awesome. The CN Tower, the Skydome (I refuse to call it the Rogers Center) and the rest of Toronto looked picture perfect; a snap shot away from being on a postcard.

From the corner of my eye, I spotted the Toronto Islands and was informed there's a Nude Beach on one of them! DID YOU KNOW THAT? I definitely didn't--not that I'm interested in that, but still a fun fact for those of you who might be. Anyway, Hanlan's Point, Centre Island and Wards Island are definitely going to be my next boating destinations in the Toronto area.

So my advice: throw on a bathing suit, grab a pack of bud light, pile your friends in a car, get out on the nearest lake and jump into a boat!!! It's a great way to spend a hot, sunny afternoon.

Also, get your boating licence. It costs practically nothing, and takes an hour out of your day. I just got mine! If I can do it, anyone can--seriously, anyone can.

Here's a place for Boat Rentals in Toronto for those of us who don't have boats or friends with boats:

I'll definitely keep an eye out for other places and cheaper ones too!

Peace and Love!