Thursday, November 3, 2011

Beer, its the best damn drink in the world. -Jack Nicholson

I'm clearly not very good at blogging about the things I do on a regular basis. As you can tell with my lack of posts. I promise to get better at this... Maybe when I start doing things worth blogging about. My last adventure took place in Kitchener, Ontario. It might not be the real Germany, but for 2 weeks of festivities every year, it becomes a mini Berlin. People are running around screaming outlandish phrases in German, bars and pubs alike are pumping German folk music, men, women, and children are dressed traditionally, and let's not forget the German sausages found on every street corner.

This was my first ever Oktoberfest, and I was not disappointed. It's not something I'd do every year but it sure is something you have to try at least once. The music, the beer and the people really make you feel like a real German.

The way Oktoberfest is set up, you can check out a different pavilion every night. They vary on crowds, music, authenticism (not a word, but I'll use it to get my point across), decoration and purpose.

Do you want a fun night out? Want to try something new? I suggest you plan for a night out with your friends in little Germany. It's a really good time.

I'm adding the website below for anyone who wants to plan something for next ear. It has pavilion descriptions, hotel deals and packages for more than one night of Oktoberfest-ing.

If it turns out to not be your thing, at least you had a good laugh with good friends.

Ps for the dim witted, the event runs in October.

Peace & Love

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