Thursday, February 9, 2012

When the traveler goes alone he gets acquainted with himself. -Liberty Hyde Bailey


Getting around is no easy feat in Belize.  The buses run regularly but if you don't catch the express, you could be riding the regular all day and potentially never actually reaching your desired destination.  As for taking taxis, lets face it, I'm white and can't speak spanish or kriol; I'm going to get ripped off.  None of my local friends have cars, or at least not easy access to them.  So, as a means of transportation, I joined in on the trend of hitchhiking.  It's simple: stand on the side of the road, stick your arm out and someone will eventually pick you up.   I recently just moved into town because where I was originally staying was awful.  Before being downtown in San Ignacio, I had the pleasure of walking 2 miles into town everyday.  That gig got old fast, and I quickly turned to taking whatever free ride came my way.  I even hitchhiked from the town of Armenia to Belmopan.  Not smart at all, but some of my best memories with my new friends.

Hitchhiking in the back of a pick up from Armenia to Belmopan...
MerryAnn (my roommate and evidently the funniest person ever) (funny looking blonde on the right <3) and I decided on two rules:

1.  Never hitchhike home at night, because they might take you to Guatemala and sell you in the sex trade.

2.  Only get in the bed of a pick up truck, because you can jump out if things go wrong.

Back to seems to be the only way to get around fast and its free.  I know you shouldn't do it, but hey, I'm only young once.

Peace and Love,


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