Sunday, January 15, 2012

Picking Up 101

I always appreciate a good pick up line.  The art of picking up is something that I personally feel everyone needs to know and everyone gets points in my eyes for creativity. Pick up line of the month thus far goes to:

"I like your blouse, it looks comfortable."

Peace and Love,


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  1. ADRIANAAAA, I chuckled a bunch of times reading over these! And we all loved that music video, it's definitely going to be a regular while we pre. WE MISS YOU HERE and I have random boy stories these daysss so you need to come home soon, I think we're going to facetime you tonight <3. I can't believe how different the culture is there, it reminds me of when I went to temples in Asia, it's probably so surreal for you. If anybody would be crazy and creative enough to go on exchange in Belize, it would be you. :) xo Poon