Monday, July 30, 2012

Jaguar Paw

I realize I haven’t written in over a month.  Time here escapes me.  I get caught up in doing so much and doing nothing that I find it hard to write.   When I was in Armenia, my friends and I met a few tour guides.  It just so happens that they work at a place called Jaguar Paw.  This is a tourist destination that allows you to zipline through tropical jungles and cave tube through flowing rivers in some of the darkest caves.  We naturally used this new connection to our advantage. 

The one thing about Belize that everyone should know is:  if you’re white, you’re getting ripped off.
Great crew of people <3

I guess  I understand if you’ve got a week here and you don’t know any better, but living here, you realize there are ways to experience the best of Belize and still not spend everything you have. 
Zip-lining Jaguar Paw

The tour guides were kind enough to take us to Jaguar Paw free of charge.  All we had to do was get transportation there.  We found a van cab who gave us a sweet deal (something like 10 BZ dollars a person = 5 US a person). 

Fifteen of us piled into this van.  We had the windows down, the back door and truck open, and off we were on the well kept roads of Belize.  I’m being sarcastic when I say the roads are anything but outrageous.  By the time we got there, zip-lining was first.  It’s time I admit that I have a serious fear of heights.  The first drop is the highest, the second was the longest.  I made it since I’m writing this right now. 

The sky was clear and the day was hot, zipping through the tallest trees and through the green canopy was a surreal feeling.  By the time we reached the bottom, all of us were hungry and excited for cave tubing.

****side note**** there's a hilarious South Park episode about zip-lining.

Caving at its finest
After our meal and being in the company of great people,  we grabbed our helmets and tubes.  We walked a few miles to one of the cave entrances. The next thing I knew, there was a bottle of rum, some coke, and everyone was diving into the crystal clear water head first.  We splashed around and watched a few tours go through the cave, until we decided it was time for us to through as well.  The water was warm and the cave was dark.  Our headlights were the only lights flickering in the darkness against the walls.  We held onto each other or we were left behind to try and paddle through the cave.  By the end of it, we were staggering out of the cave with smiles on our faces. 

The entire day was exhausting but a lot of fun. 

Peace and Love <3

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