Monday, July 30, 2012

Life at Log Cabins

Who was dumb enough to give me a machete?

What can I say about Log Cabins?  Well, it sure is luxurious.  I say this with sarcasm.  It turns out, I’m paying a ridiculous amount for room, board and food.  Did I mention the mosquitos?  They’re charming.  The best thing about Log Cabins is the air conditioning in our room. 

Not all is bad at Log Cabins.  After all, it is really nice place; or at least the general atmosphere is lovely.  It’s a bit out of town, and perhaps inconvenient.  I won’t lie, I spent many a nights or days lounging my hammock reading one of Che Guevara memoirs.  Sometimes I’d mix it up and I’d write in my little pink book.  Some days we’d sit by the pool.  Other days we’d drink.  On one particular day, we chopped coconuts and drank them.  I can’t say I’ve ever done that.   So in that sense, Log Cabins gave me some life experience.  

The fruit of my labour...with some rum.
I did enjoy the scenery.  I would wake up to birds chirping and the sun flickering through the thick window shades.  I shared a cabin with MerryAnn and we were lucky enough to listen to a woodpecker every morning at 6 am outside our Cabin.  Palm trees everywhere, thick bush backing onto a small cluster of rainforest and wild dogs were always in vicinity.  We fed all of them.  Not particularly a good idea…our landlord was unimpressed. 

I’d also like to comment on the service.  We had a cleaning lady come in and someone do all our laundry.  Danny was our bartender and cook.  Every morning we had breakfast at 7 am.  Most of our nights there included pool parties and local rum.  The staff was good about letting us run the grounds to cater to our needs.  Except for the security guard.  He was a bit weird. 

 So life at Log Cabins was not bad, just expensive.  We found accommodations downtown and later in Kontiki for very cheap.  We were paying like 200 US a month once we moved out of the Cabins. 

Mind you, I have absolutely no regrets about leaving Log Cabins and moving into town.  Our new set up was way better.  

Peace and Love.

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