Saturday, February 16, 2013

it came and now it's gone...

Australia has come and gone.  Let me tell you about Melbourne.  The place I called home for four months.

I spent many early mornings on a train riding into the city.  Most of these mornings were spent with my ipod or pinterest.  Every morning at 7:20 am, I would get to Spencer St.  I usually picked up a chai latte and a muffin (if I was feeling hungry).  I walked 20 minutes to the cafe where I worked.  Every single day, my morning was the same.  Some mornings I would catch a glimpse of a homeless person waking up and organizing their little corner of space.  Other mornings, Melbourne would come alive with freebies and busketeers.

Afternoons in Melbourne were filled with free meditation, boot camps in the park and hidden cafes in every single lane way.  Every single day there was something new to see.   I filled my days with patios and cheap beer pitchers.  I explored cafes.  I went to museums.  I took long walks in the park.  Occasionally, I jumped on a tram and found my way to St Kilda beach for some ice cream.  One thing for sure: I drank a lot of coffee.

There's something about Melbourne that touches the deepest depths of your soul.  Whatever it is, the feeling creeps up on you and then completely engulfs you.  You indulge in everything.  Beer is better.  Coffee is infinite.  Sleep is irrelevant.  You just want to do everything and be everywhere.  Dumplings on Bourke, cupcakes on every other corner, cider bars and rooftop patios.  Cinemas in warehouses and art markets in alleyways.

By nightfall, Melbourne turns into fashionable, trendy and somewhat hipster.  Suddenly lane ways are bumping with music you've never heard.  Clubs have line ups all around the building.  There is no end. You get lost in a world so similar, yet so different from our own.

The things around Melbourne:  beaches, koala bears, bars and cities with interesting histories.

Great Ocean road takes you on a different adventure every time you embark on it.

I really do wish I had more to say, but I've been home for almost two months and I find the memories disappearing.

I will return to Australia and see the rest of it one day.

Cheers mate.

***Pictures to follow***
I'm being lazy and haven't transferred them to my computer yet.  AND I lost my phone, recovering the photos has been a tedious and painful process...BUT they're okay!!

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