Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jamaican me crazy....

Flying into Jamaica...awesome right?
It's February 16th today.  Guess who still has a tan...THIS GIRL.

A day after New Years Day, I got my little white butt on an airplane with my mom and brother.  I flew down south and a tiny bit east to Jamaica.  The land of wood and water.

It is the greenest place I've ever seen.  So lovely and lush.  Every single shade of green literally covers every piece of visible land.  Coincidence that it's the colour green...

Beaches: brilliantly blueish-green with ridiculously white sand.

The People:  kind, generous and forward.  The Jamaican lifestyle is almost lazy.  But not lazy in the way people typically define lazy.   It's lazy in the sense that the heat paralyzes you; to move is practically suicide.  The best way to spend your day is to find a man with a rope, convince him to get you a coconut, crack it open, thrown in a straw (throw in some rum if you're feeling really Jamaican) and retreat under whatever shade you can find.  Occasionally jump into the water.

A must do:  visit 9 Mile.

What is 9 Mile you ask?  Well, my friends, the one and only Nesta Robert Marley grew up there.  He also wrote songs about freedom there and the journey back to Zion.  At first, you might be a little over whelmed by all the little Rasta men running around, howling with laughter and talking about love, life and the meaning of it all.  Quickly, party favourites makes everyone the best of friends.  You take a journey through the life of Bob.  You see where he came from.  And my personal favourite part... you get to walk into his tomb and smoke a jay with the man, the legend, the one and only king of reggae.  You leave thinking:  there is SO much more to life than all the useless junk I pack into it.

Jamaica was beautiful.  Every single moment of it was breathtaking.  It was the most relaxed I've been in in a very long time.

Thank you Jamaica.

Peace and Love!

***note to self:  get a better camera...or start taking better pictures.***

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