Monday, February 18, 2013

working is for chumps..

I wish.

Sadly, being back in Canada has sent me into a spiral of long hours and odd jobs.
Today I'm working at the Toronto Car show as a Ford girl.  I basically ask you if you'd like to enter a contest to win a 5000 dollar gas card.  This is about 6 hours every single night..

During the days I work for another marketing company, selling financial services.  I can't exactly say that it's my favourite job...but hey, at least its a job.

Saturday evenings I do an energy exchange at a yoga studio.

Life just got so busy.

On another note, I decided I want to run the Mississauga Half Marathon.

I also had an interview at the bank and I had landed a job at a golf course for the entire summer.

Peace and Love.

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