Tuesday, August 21, 2012

El Salvador

There's so much I want to say about El Salvador.  I spent two weeks there.  The first day or so was in San Salvador.  Very interesting place.  It’s very different from Belize and Guatemala.  The people vary in colour and ethnicity.  It’s very multicultural.  There are shopping malls and franchises everywhere.  It’s weird.  Nice cars, billboards, massive nightclubs.  It was like being in a Spanish Toronto; without the buildings.  El Salvador is so prone to earthquakes, they don’t—can’t—have any tall buildings.  

Its also surrounded by Volcanoes.  Volcanoes everywhere.  Some are still active.  That makes the weather different too.  Its really hot, but still can get really cool at times.  

I climbed to the top of one volcano.  It was really pretty.  What a view.  If I had more time, I would have hiked down the crater too.  

The second portion of my time was spent at the beach.  The waves are really strong. El Salvador is actually one of the surf capitals of the world.  Anyways, we ended up staying at this resort with Carlos’ family.  They were all so wonderful.  It was really nice to be apart of a real family.  Like the Spanish Braidy Bunch.  There was good food, good wine and good company for a whole week.  The beach was dark sand.  I found sand dollars and spent most of my free time tanning by the pool and playing with the kids.  It was so lovely.  It felt like a vacation.  
View at the Lake <3

The third portion of my trip was spent at the lake.  The name of the Lake escapes me know,  but I do know that it’s a volcanic crater that filled in with water.  The depths of the crater are completely unknown.  I spent my days here jumping off the dock, playing with the kids and eating good food.  Most of my nights were spent with a glass of wine sitting on the dock watching the horizon fade into darkness. 

Oh one more thing to say about El Salvador, go with someone who speaks Spanish.  It’s very dangerous.  There are armed guards everywhere.  Houses are blocked in and protected.  Men with guns watch your cars while you dance in clubs.  There are twenty something deaths a day due to drug related and gang issues.   So be smart. 

Nightclubs: Awesome.  

Peace and Love <3

****I actually lost all the pictures from El Salvador :(
I watched beach soccer there too!! It was super cool.  

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