Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Something NOT to tell my kids one day...

Drinking in Melchor with the family <3

You know that part in Hangover, where everyone wakes up naked, with strippers walking around, stolen babies, broken glasses, missing teeth and a tiger in the bathroom with no idea what the heck happened the night before…yea, that happens in real life.  I woke up in Guatemala.  

It started off innocently enough, everyone was getting together and sharing an elephant foot.  

SLANG BREAK DOWN:  Elephant foot = 60oz bottle of Rum

Next thing you know theres banging on my door, beers in my hand, hitchhiking to the border.  

Taxi anyone?
Next thing I know, I'm sitting in Melchor (border city to Belize in Guatemala) with friends and strangers.  A family of Belizeans.  I’m cracking open my first Budweiser in months.  I’m being invited to a wedding.  We’re all hugging. 

Next thing I know, I’m in a van cab with 15 other Guatemalan cowboys chugging beers and eating Doritos.  

Hello Flores.  Flores is an island in Guatemala connected by a bridge surrounded by a lake.  You bet the very first place I went to was Burger King.  I haven’t had shitty food since December.  Flores is a very pretty little place.  Everything is painted colourfully, and the roads are like Mayan bricks.  Little shops everywhere and children playing innocently in the streets and hidden corridors.  People speaking in Spanish, very little English to be heard.  The night continued to a local Guatemalan bar, where Spanish dancing was the only way to dance.  People were shaking it, twirling, and spinning in all sorts of directions.  I went to bed and woke up in Guatemala.
Such a tourist in Tikal

The next morning, I awoke to the smell of tacos.  Mer and Ricky brought home 30 tacos.  No way were we going to eat those.  We found a little breakfast place looking over the lake.  We ate eggs, beans and salsa for breakfast.  In the shuffle to get home, we decided to visit Tikal.  

Tikal is unexplainable in words.  It is actually one of the larger Mayan complexes in existence.  Sky high temples dedicated to worshipping the gods and to symbolize their strength and power stood tall in front of me.  This was a phenomenal feat of construction in front of me.  This was the Maya.  This is was what they stood for.  Their power, their strength, their beliefs, their livelihood, everything in front of me.  Unbelievably cool.  

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****Just so you know, it's much cheaper to travel to Tikal without a tour.  However, if you're scared, a tour is defiantly easier.  Just know that you will get ripped off and prepare for awful tour guides who barely speak English. 


Peace and Love!!!

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