Tuesday, August 21, 2012

San Pedro

The Cancun of Belize.  San Pedro is one giant party and one hell of a good time.  I WISH I HAD A CAMERA!  Unfortunately, I’m an idiot and left my charger at home so I had to rely on other peoples pictures.  Anyways, not the point.  

San Pedro isn’t to far off from Caye Caulker.  It sits about 30 minutes further.  Its much bigger and has a faster pace.  There are clubs and bars and outdoor patios everywhere.  We met up with a friend of a friend, and let me tell you was he awesome!  We ended up getting so drunk at this bar with an LA-er.  We danced and sang.  We bet  on chickens at the Chicken Drop. 

The Chicken Drop 
  • Pick a number on the giant board of numbers painted on the floor.  
  • Place a bet. 
  • Pick up chicken.  Shake chicken semi-violently
  • Drop chicken on board
  • Hope that chicken shits on your chosen number. 

Yup, that’s the chicken drop.  We went to a club in the shape of a jaguars mouth.  It was deceivingly big.  Inside were levels and lights and lasers and phenomenal music.  I was very impressed.  After all,  I do love a good show.  

We went back to Rose’s (the place we were staying at) and I lunged part of my body off the balcony to projectile vomit off the balcony.  Oppps.   Too much fun in San Pedro.  
^^^^That would have been an epic picture.  

We met a couple somewhere from the USA.  We spent the next whole day smoking the local herb with them and drinking beer in the rain.  

Going back to San Iggy was bittersweet.   I guess we’ll always have San Pedro. 

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