Monday, August 20, 2012

Famous in Belize

A friend of mine in Belize, named Gaby, designs clothes.  She’s an amateur with little experience, but very talented.  As far as I know, she’s never really had any formal training, so it's even more impressive.  She’s currently trying to make herself a name and break through in the fashion world.  One night, we were out at Greedy's Pizzeria and she asked me to be in a fashion shoot.  I said yes; Merry Ann, my beloved roommate was also asked to be one of the models, along with several other Belizieans.  Thanks to my parasites, I looked fabulous for it--minus my pale complexion.  

We had a fitting the night before the big day.  On the second day, we were up and about by 8 am.  We were in make-up for the majority of the morning and then the photo shoot started.  First was formal wear, I had a blue, green maxi dress.  The San Ignacio Hotel provided us with some food–not like I could eat, I wanted to vomit thanks to my little friends.  

The second half of the day was more fun because we went to Mahogany Hall.  We were dressed in fun clothes and everyone was getting silly.  

I’m now on a website and a magazine. 

Not going to lie though, the modeling life isn’t for me.  It was exhausting and honestly, I’d hate to wake up and do that every morning.  I also like food far too much to be skinny for a living. 

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At least I can say, I was a professional model for a day.  I am famous in Belize.  

Peace and Love!!!

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