Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In case I die tonight...

To whom it may concern: 

I’ll admit I’ve been doing an awful job of updating my blog.  I’ve been too caught up in living the dream.  Tonight, I write from within the darkness of the bus.  I spent the last two weeks in El Salvador.  Tonight I fear for my life.  The rain is beating on the bus like hail.  Lightening lights up the sky in moments of flickers.  For a brief second, I can make out every shape, every rock, every car and every other face on the bus.  For a while I couldn’t see a foot in front or on either side of the bus.  Now, I’m watching rock slides plummet onto the road from the cliffs on either side as the bus swerves to avoid them.  I think my heart has stopped about 15 times.  Carlos is sitting beside me carefully watching ever move the driver makes.  I can see him looking at me, making sure I don’t panic. I’m terrified to continue this journey, but it doesn’t look like the driver is planning on stopping.  If I actually post this, I made it out alive.  

Yours truly,


Somewhere outside of Guatemala City 

P.S. A rock just hit the side of the bus.  We’re still moving.  

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