Tuesday, August 21, 2012

River Tubing at Parrot's Nest

Parrots Nest is like tree house lodging.  It's just outside of San Ignacio.  One of the professors from the local college runs and owns it.  He’s this awesome surf-like computer geek adventurer who looks like he should be living on the Gold Coast in a shack, laying in a hammock.  He picked us up as we were walking down the street and invited us to try water tubing by his place on the river.  

***We met him at Greedy's once upon a time ago.

Next thing you know, we have music blaring and we’re speeding down a dirt road and through a jungle path.  I was pleased to emerge in a clearing with little tree huts and a river in front of me.  Really cute little place.  It's even on Trip Advisor.  Tell all your friends. 

We blew up tubes and off we were.  The current actually carries you in a complete circle, so it was really relaxing and actually really cool.  The whole run takes about an hour.  

NO ONE TOLD ME THERE WERE FRIGGEN ALLIGATORS IN THE RIVER.  That changes everything…if I knew that..I would not have gone.   Just saying.  

Peace and Love. <3

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