Friday, August 24, 2012

Melbourne Day One

I attempted the city today. It started at 7 am. Dressed and ready to go by 8:15 am.

***side note... I had a job interview today... After applying to like 100 online job ads. It went well I think. I have a trial on Monday. I know absolutely nothing about being a barista. Should be a very interesting Monday.

I did a lot of walking after my interview. I went to Hardware Ln for a coffee and some breakfast. I stepped into a French cafe, where literally everyone spoke French. I wish I could speak French. I had a delicious cappuccino and a yummy crepe with spinach, tomatoes and cheese. Next I walked to to Melbourne Central Station. This is a mall something like the Eaton's center. At least I think it's comparable. I bought myself some tea, a couple awesome books on the inner city about hidden gems and holes in the walls and grabbed a chai latte. I really enjoyed myself. It was a nice day alone getting to know the city. Tomorrow I'll be checking out the Queen Victoria Market.

Peace and Love.

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